Art for All

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot,
others transform a yellow spot into the sun. —
Pablo Picasso

Art is the expression of the innermost self; a portal peering into the world of pure creativity. Art represents what is beautiful and significant to us, and when placing a value on it, the amount would be determined by its originality; the artist, the condition of the piece, and how much it means to the audience viewing it. From paintings, to various crafts, to the writing in a book, Art is always worth something to somebody. In museums around the world, the individuality of artists can be found, rife with history and tales of their lives.

Painting by Alfred Hair; Highwaymen


It is a common misconception that to find the aforementioned pieces, you’d have to travel to prestigious museums and view the pieces from behind glass displays. To find and own history-filled and storied art, however, you needn’t leave the comforts of your own town. At the Treasure Coast Auction Gallery, art of various rarity will be sold at next-to-no-cost, allowing for the aficionados to indulge in the expansion of their collections without attending costly art shows, or traveling great distances. From paintings to books, there is much to be seen, and much to be purchased!


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